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Thesis Word Counts

  • Pages: 139
  • Words: 39766
  • Words in text: 37945
  • Words in headers: 227
  • Words in float captions: 1594
  • Number of headers: 76
  • Number of floats: 55
  • Subcounts:
  • text+headers+captions (#headers/#floats/#inlines/#displayed)
    • 642+11+0 (1/0/0/0) _top_
    • 2037+13+0 (4/0/0/0) Chapter: Introduction
    • 10369+51+235 (18/6/6/0) Chapter: Background and Related Work
    • 4225+25+216 (9/10/13/0) Chapter: Services-Aware Simulation Framework
    • 6374+51+378 (16/13/4/0) Chapter: Simulating Service Oriented Applications
    • 4920+28+400 (11/8/23/1) Chapter: Informing the SLA Lifecycle using Simulation
    • 7036+38+365 (14/18/48/3) Chapter: Autonomic Configuration using Simulation
    • 2342+10+0 (3/0/3/0) Chapter: Conclusion and Future Work

Updated ~hourly until the day I submitted; last update Sun Mar 20 10:37:17 MDT 2011

Thesis Word Cloud

Note the words "simulation" and "service" have been removed.

Thesis Word Counts over Time

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Thesis Page Counts over Time

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(Most of) This Page was Generated Automatically

This crappy open-source release of the Thesis Writing Tracker contains the script and documentation you need to start tracking your own writing; unfortunately some effort is required. I used it to motivate me to push hard to "level up". It worked-ish.

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