I dabble in a number of side projects; you’ll see these displayed at random on the right side of these pages. ┬áThis page displays the entire set:

A presentation describing UoA's $3.5 million branding initiative used tweets overlaid on random images to convey messages that were bizarre and vapid to scientists ("Be authentic. Because." and "We are architectures of learning vascularization." for example). As an homage, I wrote a context-free grammar and used a recursive descent parser to generate random tweetbites of similar tone, and overlaid them on random images pulled down from flickr. You can see the end result in the Random Marketing Slide Generator. provides voting solutions for student associations.

Consider attending MESOCA 2015 at ICSME in Germany, October 2015!

I maintain the Maine Student Travel website. Visit Diane Day's site for all you need to know about student travel!

To ensure I remain current with the practice of computer science and not just research, I use my spare time for consulting on topics like software development, migrating to cloud computing, and application deployment through Pontis Technology Consulting. is an early prototype of a metadata service for information about available cloud providers and services. While abstraction layers exist for connecting to and using cloud services from many providers, there's no central index. Until now.

While I was writing my PhD thesis, I used a script and collection of tools to track and publicize my progress, as a way of motivating myself. And, you know, procrastinating. Regardless, it worked; you can see what it looked like at the end and download my Thesis Writing Tracker script for your own use.

Check out Room by Room Interior Painting for all of your interior painting in Nova Scotia needs! (Technically my sister's project, but if you can't plug your sister on your own website, where can you?)

I created a Google Chrome extension to filter scam journals out of Google Scholar results, in response to a recent New York Times article on the proliferation of scam journals. It will filter scam journals from your Google Scholar results using just the text Google returns, with the option to download BibTeX for all the results and filter based on that.

Random Project provides voting solutions for student associations.